Solar Radiation


Forecast, Current & Yesterday Solar Indexes

Current Conditions Forecast Solar Today/Tomorrow Current Solar (W/m2) Daily High Solar (W/m2) Yesterday High Solar (W/m2)
Night time/Dry/mostly cloudy 415 0 0 at 12:00 AM 381 at 3:18 PM

Record High Solar Indexes

Monthly High (W/m2) Yearly High (W/m2) All Time High (W/m2)
863 on Feb 14 863 on Feb 14 1782 on Jul 13, 2015

Indian Trail Weather Solar Production & Cost Savings

Daily kWh MTD kWh MTD Cost Savings YTD kWh YTD Cost Savings
0 356.5 $44.56 793.29 $99.16

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