Earthquakes in the past 7 days of magnitude 2.0 or greater within 1500 mi
Update time = Tue, 07-Apr-2020 7:43pm EDT

Epicenter Near Magnitude Distance to Epicenter Time Link
9 mi S of Longtown, Oklahoma 2.6 0019871235 mi 1586228567Mon, 06-Apr-2020 11:02pm EDT map
2 mi NNE of Perry, Ohio 2.2 000539335 mi 1586224269Mon, 06-Apr-2020 9:51pm EDT map
8 mi WSW of Pocahontas, Arkansas 2.3 001584984 mi 1586202732Mon, 06-Apr-2020 3:52pm EDT map
7 mi SW of Pocahontas, Arkansas 2.5 001583983 mi 1586202211Mon, 06-Apr-2020 3:43pm EDT map
7 mi SSW of Lesslie, South Carolina 2.3 001049652 mi 1586199736Mon, 06-Apr-2020 3:02pm EDT map
15 mi W of Robbinsville, North Carolina 2.4 001161721 mi 1586170893Mon, 06-Apr-2020 7:01am EDT map
7 mi NW of Cherokee Village, Arkansas 2.0 0016121002 mi 1586144370Sun, 05-Apr-2020 11:39pm EDT map
3 mi E of East Cleveland, Tennessee 2.0 001219758 mi 1586114274Sun, 05-Apr-2020 3:17pm EDT map
12 mi SE of Helena, Oklahoma 2.0 0021221318 mi 1586096993Sun, 05-Apr-2020 10:29am EDT map
9 mi E of Enid, Oklahoma 2.6 0020901298 mi 1586061143Sun, 05-Apr-2020 12:32am EDT map
9 mi E of Enid, Oklahoma 2.2 0020901298 mi 1586054319Sat, 04-Apr-2020 10:38pm EDT map
9 mi E of Enid, Oklahoma 3.6 0020891298 mi 1585971188Fri, 03-Apr-2020 11:33pm EDT map
3 mi NW of Ridgely, Tennessee 2.2 001461908 mi 1585967107Fri, 03-Apr-2020 10:25pm EDT map
9 mi E of Enid, Oklahoma 3.6 0020901298 mi 1585953329Fri, 03-Apr-2020 6:35pm EDT map
4 mi NNE of Geronimo, Oklahoma 2.6 0022391391 mi 1585823306Thu, 02-Apr-2020 6:28am EDT map
1 mi ENE of Quinton, Oklahoma 3.0 0019711225 mi 1585766438Wed, 01-Apr-2020 2:40pm EDT map
7 mi E of Saint-Bruno-de-Guigues, Canada 2.9 000624388 mi 1585759659Wed, 01-Apr-2020 12:47pm EDT map

17 earthquakes found. Click on location or map links for more details from the USGS

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Map and data courtesy of United States Geological Survey.